Enhance your cybersecurity with our CIS-based audit trail

At dotNET Lab Cybersecurity, we understand the challenges faced by organizations with revenues ranging from 1 to 100 million euros. That’s why our security experts have developed an effective plan to implement robust and efficient cybersecurity measures for you.

Every quarter: cybersecurity audits and implementations

Each quarter, we begin with a thorough audit to assess your current cybersecurity status. Based on this analysis, we implement improvements that directly contribute to increasing your maturity score. This continuous improvement process ensures measurable progress and helps you maintain manageable investments in cybersecurity.

Business continuity through cybersecurity enhancements

Our approach is clear and transparent, designed to quickly and effectively strengthen your cybersecurity. By leveraging KMO Portefeuille discounts, we ensure optimal use of your budget, with the primary goal of continuously securing your business operations. This strategy helps protect critical business processes and supports the stability and resilience of your organization.

Reliable maturity scores based on CIS (Center for Internet Security) standards.

Each audit results in an objective maturity score, aligned with the internationally recognized CIS framework. This score serves not only as a reliable indicator of your current cybersecurity level but also as a powerful communication tool to external parties about your organization’s cybersecurity status.

Future-oriented compliance and certification

Our process prepares you for certifications such as NIS2 and ISO 27001. Once you reach a certain maturity score, we confidently guide you through the certification process, elevating your business security to new heights.

Choose dotNET Lab cybersecurity

Take the first step towards improved cybersecurity and ensure the continuity of your business. Contact our team for an introductory audit and discover how we can systematically strengthen the security of your organization.