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At dotNET Lab, we understand the crucial role that top talent plays in the success of your business. Our unique Try & Hire program is designed not only to find talent but also to develop and integrate them within your organization.

Collaboration with educational institutions

Partnerships with educational institutions:
Our close collaboration with leading educational institutions in Flanders enables us to identify the most promising talents. We select individuals who are not only technically competent but also have the potential to grow and excel within your organization.

Development and coaching

Beyond Recruitment:
Our approach extends beyond traditional recruitment processes. We focus on the holistic development of new employees, providing training and coaching aligned with our core value of “empathetic craftsmanship.” This means a focus on both technical skills and interpersonal growth.

Personalized Growth Plan for Every Employee: Each new talent entering through our Try & Hire program receives a personalized growth plan. This plan is designed to track and support the progress and development of the employee, with clearly defined goals and milestones. This ensures that every employee can achieve their full potential.

Coordinated training programs

Client Collaboration:
In consultation with you, our client, we develop a customized training program tailored to the specific skills and knowledge required within your company. This program forms the backbone of the training sessions that your future employees will undergo.

Implementation and Monitoring:
Our team handles the implementation of the training program, providing high-quality training and ongoing coaching. We monitor progress closely and make adjustments as needed to ensure that new employees are fully prepared to make a valuable contribution to your team.

The final result

Motivated Employees on Your Payroll:
The outcome of our Try & Hire program is young, highly motivated, and well-trained employees ready to make a significant contribution to your organization. With dotNET Lab, you not only acquire skills but also a fresh perspective and new dynamics that can elevate your company to new heights.

With our unique approach and dedication to quality, dotNET Lab is the ideal partner to strengthen your team with the talent of tomorrow.

Philip Van Den Heuvel
IT Manager, Protime