How dotNET lab kickstarted Bert’s career as a QA Engineer


Hello there! I’m Bert Van Itterbeeck. Before 2020, you could find me behind the counter as a butcher or managing food services. But life has a way of offering new paths, and I chose to make a significant career switch into the tech world.

Journey to dotNET lab

After deciding to leave my previous career behind, I returned to school to earn a degree in Electronics ICT, with a minor in Virtual Reality. It was a challenging yet thrilling journey, culminating in the opportunity to join dotNET lab. At dotNET lab, I wasn’t just another trainee; I was a young professional shaped by the dotNET academy for the IT industry.

Training experience at dotNET lab

The training environment at dotNET academy was particularly inspiring. They strongly emphasize hands-on learning experiences, with real-world examples. I specialized in automated testing, mastering tools like SpecFlow and Selenium—skills that are highly sought after today. The trainers are experienced professionals who, from their daily expertise, precisely understood which tools and knowledge were essential to start as a full-fledged QA Engineer.

Role at Protime

Armed with new skills and a lot of ambition, I joined Protime, a key player in time registration software and part of SD Worx. Here, I apply everything I learned at dotNET lab. My role involves meticulous quality assurance testing, ensuring that our software products are flawless and efficient. I primarily work from home and visit the office in Mechelen, Belgium, once a week to sync with my team.

Work culture and personal growth

At Protime, it’s not just about work; it’s about growing in a stimulating and flexible environment. We operate with small, agile teams, each including a dedicated QA Engineer, fostering personalized and effective team dynamics. The flexibility in our work hours is a major plus, allowing us to balance our personal lives without missing out on work commitments. As part of an international company, I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, including my current teammates from Romania.

If you're considering starting a career in IT or refining your skills as a QA Engineer, dotNET lab is the place to begin. The training I received there was more than educational—it was transformative. For anyone in the position I once was, dotNET lab can provide that essential edge toward a rewarding IT career.